Statement of Purpose

The internal dialogue accompanying one’s existence persists like dreams and memories.  This inner voice forms into a visual through which painting becomes the vision.  When color is approached to-carry-out-and-fuse the course of this internal vision, a mapping of the spirit begins or continues.

Words communicating to others, can stir the intellect, excite the emotions or poetically call fourth unknowns, while a visual exchange (a painting) can exuberate into worlds (spaces) where words have no formulation, or explanation. 

We are living during a time, which is a part of the eternal melding of ceaselessness; where silence marks waves through its fabrication.  Painting for me allows a direct connection into this silence, which must deepen and articulate glimpses into the source from which everything is and is becoming.

naomi salzman


From The Last Three Shows & Various Other Ones

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